Friday, April 14, 2006

The First Post, and then Blog.

14 April, at Minnesota:

When Kay has only Bobby Murcer to bail him out of his dumb comments, you know it's going to be a long broadcast.

Kay has proven this year that screwups happen even before the lineups are announced (3 April: "The best way...well, the only way, to start the season is with Opening Day.") In the same tradition, Kay dropped this gem before the start of tonight's game: "When we come back, we have the lineups, the first pitch, and then baseball on YES." So Johnny Damon taking ball one...not baseball. Damon takes ball two...aaand we're under way!

Other Kaytributions:

  • Top 2nd: Twins starter Scott Baker takes an awkward jog halfway up the clubhouse ramp. When he reemerges after 15 seconds of alone time, he wears a goofy grin while re-buckling his belt. Kay and Murcer contemplate the cause of the delay. After discussing the possibility of a buckle malfunction, Kay, sounding like a mother talking to her pre-teen son, speculates "or maybe it was his protective cup." Here, he brashly flies in the face of years of broadcasting non-reference references to baseball's most important piece of equipment.
  • Top 5th: With Jorge Posada off 3rd and one out, Bernie Williams lofts a fly ball into right field. Kay's call: "Fly ball to right field. That'll get the run home. ... Maybe." Sure enough, Lew Ford throws Posada out at the plate. In one breath, Kay mistakes Jorge Posada's legs for Juan Pierre's and Lew Ford's arm for, well, Juan Pierre's.

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