Saturday, April 15, 2006

In Case We Just Joined You...

Last night's game did not inspire this blog on its own. The season may be in its second week, but Kay's already up to his old tricks.

On Emil Brown, the Royals' left fielder: "He's one of the young players the Royals are trying to build this team around." Sounds fine to FMK, especially if by "young," he meant 31. Apparently Kay couldn't reach that media guide. If he could, he might have noticed Brown's career stats. Yes, Michael, there is a National League.

Did you know Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter together should average 12 pitches per plate appearance each time through the lineup? Neither did FMK, until Kay became super-agent Scott Boras' mouthpiece. In marketing Damon to the Yankees, Boras apparently boasted that the then-hypothetical Damon-Jeter 1-2 combination would do just that. Kay gleefully passed this "information" along, blissfully unaware of the actual pitches each saw in 2005. Jeter ranked #62 in P/PA with 3.82, and Damon came in 84th with 3.72. For those of you scoring at home, 3.82+3.72=7.54, which, as any third-grader will tell you, is < 12. The alligator always eats the bigger number.

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