Monday, April 14, 2008

Who does he think he is, Joe Buck?

Michael doesn't make the trip to Tampa (Bay). Stunner. Last time we got on Kay for this, it turned out his mother was dying. We're understandably loath to do it again. That said, let's take a look at the standings.

Michael Kay 8
Kenny Singleton 4
Joe Buck 1
Jon Miller 1

Joe Buck is famous for not doing that much work. All Kay has to do is go on an uninformed rant about how distasteful a player's celebration is and he's right on track. Oh, and call the World Series and the Super Bowl and have a Hall of Fame broadcaster for a father.


Blogger Jay Warman said...

Is he really this bad? How does he have a job?

11:20 PM  
Blogger Olivia said...

Imagine if Kay benefited from the same nepitism. I think I'd take Joe Buck's stoicism over Kay's obnoxiousness.

1:23 AM  

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