Sunday, April 16, 2006

Reaching for the Mute Button

15 April, at Minnesota

After Kay's cute pre-recorded introduction Saturday, these words came out of his mouth, live:
"The atmosphere inside the dome is so anti-septic [great, can't wait to watch THIS game!] they really try to liven it up outside; almost a carnival atmosphere [almost? good point, they come up Ferris wheel] and they do a great job...and the Twins in this ballpark have actually won two world championships. ["actually?" ACTUALLY.]

And all before he comes on camera! Magnificent.

Anyway, on to the game...

Not much to report early on; Kay sails through the first two innings. Heck, he even calmly ignored YES' 313th graphics snafu of the night:
Top 3rd, 3-0 Twins, Johnny Damon bats for the second time. YES graphic:
Johnny Damon, CF. 1-1: Solo Home Run.

How many ways is this wrong? Let's count together!

1) The Yankees had scored zero runs. Teams who have hit home runs, solo or otherwise, have run totals greater than zero.
2) Johnny Damon has zero solo home runs on the year, so this couldn't have been a leftover graphic from another game.
3) The Twins had hit zero solo home runs in THIS game, so this couldn't have been a graphic meant for a Twins player.

Those three top the list.

How did Kay handle the situation?

Kay: "Damon struck out looking in the first." Applause, applause!

FMK has a theory: The Anti-Mute Conspiracy.
What's a typical baseball viewer to do with his or her unwatchable baseball commentator?
1) Mute the TV and listen to the radio broadcast. Problem: WCBS's Suzyn Waldman.
2) Mute the TV and DON'T listen to alcoholic radio personalities. Problem: Excessive reliance on YES' graphics for accurate game information.

It seems that Kay, in an effort to keep viewers from detonating that devastating Mutebomb, has paid off key graphic operators to keep his nonessential commentary essential. How else can such flagrant errors be explained?

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