Monday, April 17, 2006

The Sights and Smells...

16 April, at Minnesota

Straight to the Kaytributions.

  • Bottom 1st: "During the 5-game streak, the Twins have really been streaking." Winning? Naked? Both?
  • Top 3rd: "Today I was just bored at the hotel [what's wrong? empty minibar?] and came to the game four hours early." Plenty of food there, we'll get to that shortly...
  • Top 7th: YES shows several members of the Yankees bullpen devouring some Big League Chew. "There's nothing like playing with chewing gum. I've always said that." Kay's gustatory habits aside, isn't it ironic that the one thing he's never said before, he thinks he has?

On Kay's gustatory habits: After YES comes back from commercial, a sponsorship graphic dissolves to reveal a close-up of a young burger vendor hard at work. "You can almost smell that. ... Smell-O-Vision."

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