Tuesday, April 18, 2006


18 April, 4:05 PM EDT

"You're listening to Michael Kay, voice of the Yankees." Voice of the Yankees? Let's back up.

Turns out today's show aired live outside Madison Square Garden.

The Yankees are in Toronto.

Unless some judge ordered "The Voice" to remain in the country, Kay has no business skipping an entire series. No one's too cool to travel to Toronto. Yeah, it's in Canada. Get over it and do your job.

And let's be honest: quirks aside, John Sterling is the voice of the Yankees. And HE'S in Toronto. WITH Suzyn Waldman. Jesus.

Ripping apart Kay's radio show is shooting fish in a barrel, but since he didn't make the trip, FMK feels it's fair game.


Kay and update man Don LaGreca on Atlanta's streak of NL East Division Championships possibly ending:

Kay: Do you believe in due?

LaGreca: Absolutely...Law of Averages...definitely believe in it.

Kay: Well, 14 championships in a row, maybe it's time for the Braves to not win a division.

Why, Michael? The Braves may lose the division, yes. For any number of reasons. But not because they've won 14 straight.


On charismatic Mets third baseman David Wright potentially drawing New York women away from their shrines to Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter:

"Derek's still got the juice, come on. I don't mean steroids."


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