Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kenny bats for Kay

18 and 19 April, at Toronto

We all know Kay didn't make it to SkyDome in Toronto. FMK still can't get over his staying in New York for a hockey game. At least he got to enjoy a 5-1 Ranger loss.

But after two games, Kay's absence doesn't seem so bad. In fact, judging by color man Ken Singleton's solid fill-in play-by-play, Kay should be taking either

A) more series off, or

B) notes.

FMK knows Singleton's no Bob Costas, but when a color guy steps in to do play-by-play and the viewer thinks he might be better than the normal guy, something's wrong.

Indeed, Kenny had some nice moments, most notably in the top of the 6th on Wednesday, when a fan ran onto the field. As has become custom, the cameras didn't show the fan to discourage others from following in his footsteps. At SkyDome or elsewhere.

Singleton: "We're going to have time here as a fan has made his way onto the field, but he's not going to be out there for long because Blue Jays security has gotten to him; and, uh, he'll be headed somewhere else downtown, probably in a place that has bars in it somewhere. I think probably that's where he came from. . . a different kind of bar."

Clever, well-delivered, and original. Three adjectives you'll never see applied to Kay's broadcasting. At least not on this blog.

Kudos, Kenny. FMK shudders in anticipation of Kay's return to the booth Friday.

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Blogger Brian said...

I used to not care about what Michael Kay might say. But you've made me BELIEVE! Believe that he's an idiot. Now I can't stop critiquing him at every turn.

10:40 PM  

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