Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Here's a word from our friends"

Game 35: May 7, 2008 - 7:05 p.m. ET
Yankee Stadium, New York, N.Y.
Play-by-Play: Michael Kay
Color: David Cone, John Flaherty

Bot 1st: Kay: "If you have a WHIP under 1, then you're an outstanding pitcher."
Cone: "Even 1.5..."
Kay: "Yeah, even 1.5 is good."
  • Umm, no, it's not. The Major League average WHIP last season was 1.41. So apparently to Kay, below average means good, probably the same way that as a terrible broadcaster, he's a great one in his head.

"Here's Derek Jeter. Three-game hitting streak he carries into the action."
  • I wonder if Jorge Posada was close to getting a medal for his two-game run before he went on the disabled list.

Bot 5th: On Hideki Matsui's line drive: "Lined on...uh, not one hop. Caught in the air by Cabrera. One away."
  • And Kay's autopilot misfires once again. Damn that unconventional game play!

Top 6th: Heading to break: "And now here's a word from our friends at the FOX Business Network."
  • That's twice we've heard about YES' friends at the FOX Business Network tonight and we've also twice heard about YES' friends at J&R Music and Computer World. Either the advertising people at YES are suffering from writer's block or Kay is grasping for any sort of friendly contact he can muster.

Bot 6th: With Matsui up with 2nd & 3rd and two outs: "Crowd into it for the first time tonight."
  • Apparently the raucous cheering going on while the Yankees had two on last inning is all but a distant memory.

Bot 9th: Of Cliff Lee and Chien-Ming Wang: "Last time two guys, 5-0, against each other? 20 years ago."
  • Too bad Wang came in at 6-0 or that might have been a relevant statistic.

"So the Yankees loese their second game in a row..."
  • See, Kay has trouble with even simple words. I would have represented the way he pronounced "lose" (very long 'o') with an 'h,' but that would have just brought up images of Kyle Lohse.


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