Friday, April 21, 2006

If you can't say something useful...

21 April, vs. Baltimore

Welcome back, Michael! And a special welcome back to color man Jim Kaat, doing his first game of the season.

Again Kay spits the bit with the intro. After a brief preamble: "If you have a ticket to this game..." then we're probably not watching you on television!

Of course, seeing the Yankees themselves is worth the price of admission, but as an added bonus, ticketholders enjoy a night of Kay-free Yankee baseball. Let them be.


Kay, updating viewers on the weather for the fourth time in three innings: "It's been a beautiful week, weather-wise, in New York." It was also nice in Toronto, but you wouldn't know.


Friday's broadcast joined the long list of Yankee broadcasts plagued by graphics errors. This may seem like nit-picking, but when the score bar says "3 outs" in the bottom of the 9th inning of a 6-5 game, and the game isn't over, FMK takes exception.

FMK also objects to Kay's fits of narcissism; every time YES displays the "Commentators" graphic, which lists the names of Kay and his colleagues, he feels compelled to read each name aloud to us: "Along with Jim Kaat and Kenny Singleton, I'm Michael Kay." When this happens in the 4th inning, it's one thing. But in the bottom of the 9th, with the bases loaded and a 1-1 count on the batter...we don't need to hear it.

Get over yourself.

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