Thursday, August 31, 2006

It was a bad month for you, too

31 August, vs. Detroit

Kay waits until the Tigers lineup is introduced before providing the first Kaytribution:

"Curtis Granderson will bat eighth, he's the center fielder. He hasn't had a good August so he'll be glad to see that month go by.

Is Curtis Granderson pleased to see Sept. 1? Will he wake up and say, "Wow, it's a new month, maybe I won't strike out 24 times because it's not Aug. anymore?" Or maybe he'll say, "Too bad the Romans added July and August to the calendar, or I wouldn't have sucked for this long."

Granderson more likely does not know the specifics of his August numbers, since he doesn't rely on arbitrary splits like Kay.

While FMK is on this game, Jim Kaat deserves a mention. Besides providing a publication that proves a book can be judged by its cover, Kaat adds little to the broadcast world. With three Yankee games in 27 hours, Kaat's commentary runs dry. Every time Alex Rodriguez made a play. Kaat would say something to the effect of this, and it happened at least five times:

Even though Alex is struggling at the plate, he's struggling a little less in the field. And he's using a bigger glove.

Thanks for the insight, Jim.


Blogger DaveMurphy said...

Kay made a classic comment tonight regarding how a first baseman would get a lot more calls if he could make a sound with his mouth that sounded like a ball being caught in his glove...referencing the fact that a lot of umpires use sound to make calls on, so-called, "bang-bang" plays.

Thanks Michael. By that logic, the sound effects guy from the Police Academy movies should be the Yankees new starting first baseman.

I think it's time Kay stick to his passive aggressive comments about the Red Sox.

Glad to see this site exists!

11:14 PM  
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