Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kay Pollution

The putrid sounds of Michael Kay extend beyond the mere confines of New York City. In fact, the stench can be smelt from much farther away. Farther than the YES network, even, thanks to the mostly-good innovation of MLBtv (the negative exceptions being that distant Yankee fans/haters have to endure Michael Kay through half their broadcasts).

I come to this blog not out of any love for the Yankees nor any hatred, but rather as an objective viewer in want of better announcing.

That the ineptitude of this "a**hide of the Yankees" has reached me - a distant observer - and inspired me to chronicle his inadequacies should serve as a warning to any baseball fan who questions the gravity of the situation.

Add Mr. Kay's pompousness to the pot and we're left with a weighty problem; one so corpulent that it gives Cecil Fielder a reason to believe he could have been a pinch-runner.


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