Thursday, February 12, 2009

More about Kay's radio show

Mike Francesa apparently went on a rant about how he will rule the world until the end of time. (Or he suffers some sort of Diet Coke-related injury, whichever comes first. That one is off the board in Vegas, by the way.) Neil Best then decided to reach out to Michael Kay, Francesa's "competition" in the afternoon drive-time market, for a response.

"I'll take the high road. I'm very happy with my life and my standing and find no need to lash out at others."

  • OK, that's nice. Short and sweet. Oh, there's more?

"I leave that to those that are seemingly less content with what they've been blessed with."
  • Didn't you say you weren't going to lash out? First you try to say you are above insecurity, then you make a statement that was definitely caused by said insecurity. Also, what exactly have you been blessed with? A good face? No. A good voice? Double no. Good job, yes. But that's a curse to so many others, you selfish jerk.

Don't worry, Amateur Hour Spring Training games are only a few weeks away.

Friday, February 06, 2009

CBS Radio does a public service

Michael Kay has daily talk radio show on ESPN Radio 1050. Masochists presumably constitute a large percentage of his audience. In the past, he has done the show from Yankee Stadium on gamedays and then gone right into the YES booth for his telecasts. Not anymore! CBS Radio, which owns the radio rights, has put the kibosh on that. Kay says: "There is nothing I gain from doing the show in the stadium other than for me personally it’s easier."

First, that's hard to believe. Second, good to CBS for providing a little inconvenience to Kay. Maybe it will keep him off the radio airwaves once or twice a season. Everybody wins that way. Except Kay and his masochist fans.